Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Little Random for Your Sunday

We ran out to Target yesterday for kitty litter and a few other household staples and I was amazed at how packed it was—apparently the shopping crush has already started. It was just a little insane, and it's only going to get worse until January. So, for me that means I either need to get my rear in gear and get the holiday shopping done, pronto, or I need to do it all online. Me, I'm leaning toward the online option with wine glass in hand and music of my choice playing on the speakers at a comfortable volume.

Took an office friend out shopping during the lunch hour last week (she doesn't drive) and the shopping center was a ghost town. Maybe I'll try that tactic again if I do need to buy something in person, but in general I've found I'm much more patient when I'm browsing as opposed to shopping.

  • If you're thinking of taking the kiddies to see Santa this year, you might want to check out his financial situation before you go. I hear he's had to make some drastic cuts because of the economy.

  • So my best friend's oldest daughter has been lobbying for a few weeks now to have bacon this Thanksgiving instead of turkey. Bacon is lovely anytime of year in my book, but how would you get quality Thanksgiving stuffing without a turkey to put it in? Maybe this will help bridge the gap—Skillet Bacon Jam. I haven't tried it myself but anyone I've talked to who has loves this stuff (and one even has a jar packed in his earthquake preparedness kit, seriously). I'm actually afraid to try it because I might just like it. A lot. And then where does that put me?

  • I ran across the Indexed website some time ago and I almost always find something that makes me laugh. Don't be intimidated by the graphs and equations, you won't need to be terribly geeky or left-brained to get it. A couple of my most recent favorites:

    Ah, looks as if a lot of people like this site—at least enough for a book deal. Awesome.

  • As long as we're graphing things, I ran across this infographic on the seven deadly sins. And while I'm not quite sure what to make of it as a whole, the correlation between greed, envy, wrath, and pride reminds me, and reinforces, why I want to move to a less populated area.

  • You know those environmentalists are always looking for ways to make the world a better place, but seriously do they need to monitor what type of tissue I use to conclude my business in the loo? Next thing you know they'll want to pass legislation that we all use cloth instead of toilet tissue. Although, I suppose I should be thankful if this truly is the most pressing environmental threat we face. But it does put the whole "square to spare" thing in a new context.

  • As I'm approaching my re-evaluation mark for physical therapy I've realized that a lot of the exercises they've given me to do are also yoga positions. I ran across this a few days ago and it had me laughing. I'm thinking a fifth of tequila is a lot less expensive than physical therapy.

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  1. OK I was planning to just serve a plate of turkey bacon and call it good. I, too, see trying bacon jelly as fraught with danger of liking it. According to the maps, you need to move to Oregon. Our only problem is larceny. :D