Monday, February 23, 2009

Gas Mask Required

So, Scoob's rash has not cleared up, and he did not make a doctor's appointment. I stopped on the way home on mom's advice and picked up some cortizone cream for the itching. He's going to try wearing a long sleeved shirt the next few days to eliminate contact with whatever may be causing the rash.

Mom's other piece of advice was to stick my hand in the litter and then rub my hand on the back of his knee (a sensitive area) to see if he has the same reaction there. The thinking is we could either confirm or rule out the litter as a cause.

The other theory is that she may just want to torture Scoob. I don't currently have an open bag of this litter, and I'm not sticking my hand in the used litter and rubbing it on my sweetie. Scoob's a tolerant man, but I'd be put up for adoption if I tried that. Well, maybe while he's sleeping.

In other news, reviewed a bunch of travel websites over the weekend and our new site at work got a pretty good review, "sleek, user-friendly site..., great maps..., inspiring 'activities' section and unique destination advice," and the reviewer really seemed to like our authors' blogs. Not to toot my own horn, but having had a lot of influence on the elements of the site, and how it looks and functions, this review made my day. Not too shabby for only having the site live for 42 days. (Who's counting?)

On a less exciting note, I'm doing laundry because I was a lazy slug and didn't get to it on Sunday like I usually do. Actually, I wasn't lazy, I was working on the website, but still, how much effort does it take to load the washer? Well, seeing as how I'm outta 'roos, I needed to run it tonight. 'Roos is short for underroos, which is what we call underwear (both panties and boxers) around here.

Anyhow, running the laundry made me think of this article, 25 uses for dryer sheets. I've used dryer sheets for #3, 6, and 11 (oh boy, #11), and considering the mad gas I had today I'm also considering #22 and 23. I made a bean soup for dinner last night, which I also had for lunch today—it was tasty, but I need to fine tune the recipe before I post it. I'm also thinking, gas or no gas, #18 might not be a bad idea.

I don't think the cats would tolerate #7. Actually, I think Tank would be down-right offended if I even suggested his natural odor was unpleasant. And who the hell would ever want to use dryer sheets for #17? That musty paper smell is part of a book's charm, dammit!

I was reading TIME magazine's article about the 25 best blogs for 2009 (no, a wayward life did not make the list, sheeze) and I was just annoyed that I had to click through 25 pages to get all the information. If you want to know what TIME had to say about each of these blogs, you'll still have to visit the main article, but here are the blogs in a "slick, user-friendly" list format:

TIME does recommend a few blogs that I've read on more than one occasion, but clearly, we do not have the same tastes in our blog fodder, though I may need to give a few of these another look-see.

Here's an update on the Facebook privacy brouhaha I posted about last week. I dunno. I'm still not sure if I trust them. This article really hits the nail on the head, the information people put up on Facebook about themselves is much more personal than anything else that might be out there on the web. Well, except for those exhibitionists.

Since I know she's been doing this, here's a quick funny for mom.

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