Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life Is Good

It amazes me how much my life is surrounded by technology considering I only really started using a computer in 1996. I finally gave up my beeper (remember those things) for a cell phone in 2003, and that was only because I had a 5 hour daily commute.

I'm typically a late-adopter when it comes to technology, though that has been less and less true since I began working as a web editor in 2007. Since then I've acquired and become nearly inseparable from my iPod, joined Facebook, set up blog readers and news aggregators for myself, uploaded pictures to Flickr, begun using semantic web apps, and yo, started my own blog.

As I've become increasingly wired, I've also become correspondingly impatient—at least with the wired things.

As my computer seems to become increasingly decrepit, moving more slowly with each day and crashing at will, I need to keep this in mind. I've never heard of Louis CK, but he's funny.

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  1. Funny and so true. I hope to raise people not in the "non-contributing zero" category!