Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a Hint of Cleavage

So the nice weather seems to be here to stay, and that means I need to start busting out the nice weather shoes—peep toes, sandals, sling backs. Which also means I need to bring my hoofies out of hibernation.

During the winter about all I do for pedi-hygiene is trim the nails and maybe get a little lotion on there. So when spring rolls around, I basically need to find a belt sander for the callouses and my heels.

It never ceases to amaze me how much other people look at my hands and feet. I very rarely notice other people's unless there's something noteworthy like fuchsia nail polish or maybe if they're severely in need of some TLC. But immediately after I take care of mine (or treat myself to letting someone else do it), even with a neutral polish, people immediately notice.

In other hoofie news, I bought a toe bra, you know, to conceal that toe cleavage. We just can't have our toes spilling out all over. Seriously though, I mentioned to a co-worker that a certain pair of shoes was rubbing my tender tootsies uncomfortably, and she recommended a toe bra. I'd never heard of it. But last weekend when I was out looking for new trouser socks (because I wore holes through the old ones) I saw them. At $3.00 for 2 pairs, I figured I give them a try.

You can't see it in the photo, but there's a clear plastic strap you slip behind your heel and it is attached to each side of the bra to keep it from bunching up in the toe of your shoe. It's very comfortable and definitely worked wonders with those shoes. I have no idea what these things are really called, but I'll probably call them toe bras until I die.

Much like the current to do over the Freedom Tower not being officially named the Freedom Tower any longer. Dudes, it'll be called whatever you call it regardless of what the name is. Kind of like how people in the Bay Area call the I-80 bridge between San Francisco and the East Bay the Bay Bridge, despite the fact that it's "name" is The James "Sunny Jim" Rolph Bridge.

Now there's a tidbit of useless trivia to file away.

This made me laugh. And the technique would have come on pretty darned handy n numerous occasions.

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