Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Since we don't have a yard of our own to garden in, I've decided to share some OPP--Other People's Porn. Gardenporn, that is.

Mom is a master gardener, as is her mother, and was her mother. I did not seem to get this gene. Where I can manage to get something to grow, I cannot make it flourish like they can.

Last summer, Scoob and I made a trip to mom's and he made a calendar of all the wonderful flower photos he took. This summer there's no calendar, but plenty of beautiful photos. So without further ado...

Mom's Mother's Day poppy is still blooming.

The yard is a sea of gloriosa daisies.

Shasta Daisies.

Some gorgeous day lilies. I didn't know it but each of the lily's blooms only last for a single day, hence the name. (Duh.)

No idea what this is, but it's purdy. She may have called this a bubble flower or balloon flower.

Pin cushions.

And a butterfly. I so can't believe I got him in focus!

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