Friday, July 31, 2009

Previously, on Wayward

So now that I've been incommunicado for nearly 2 weeks, it seems rather appropriate that my last post was titled The Blissful Sound of Silence. But believe me, it wasn't intended. I was just going through a bout of the shittys, at least that's what mom called it--a cross between feeling blue and lethargic capped off with a truly impressive 2-day PMS episode, followed by the actual 3-day event, all while trying to tie up loose ends at work, home, and with travel arrangements before we leave on our Oregon/Idaho road trip.

The trip is beginning to sound like it will be a series of reunions kicking off with my 20-year high school reunion, followed by a get together with my mom's family in Portland to meet my cousin's new baby, followed by a get together with my dad's family near Sandpoint, Idaho for grandma's birthday, where, as of July 26th, there is also a new baby (not grandma's, though). We have managed to set aside one non-driving day in Portland to do whatever we want. And since most of our trip is to visit my friends and family, I've helped Scoob scope out some options and he's planning out what we do on that day.

I booked most of our hotel rooms for the trip last night. Jeez, it never ceases to amaze me what downtown hotels can get away with charging. Seriously, $28 per day for valet parking when the public lot across the street is $10 for overnight parking? Let's just say the rates for our hotel in Sandpoint, ID were far more reasonable, and parking's not an issue.

I worked from home again today and took the kitties to the vet. They're due for their rabies shots, and I've been a little worried Dozer might not be feeling well. Sure enough, Dozer has a bladder infection so we've started pilling her twice a day, which is almost as terrifying for her as going to the vet, so I'm sure I'll be real popular around here by the time we leave.

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  1. When do you get here and can you come to a meal at our place? It's ok if you're booked up.