Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home Sweet, Filthy Home

Well, we're back from vacation y'all. It seems likes we've simultaneously been gone too long and not long enough. The kittehs were pleased as punch to see us when we rolled in around 10:00 last night.

We didn't do much when we got home. I checked out the litterbox area and cleaned that up and unpacked the suitcase to put it away so the cats could calm down and not get worked up about us leaving again.

It never fails, when we go away for a few days, the cats are just a bit more needy (ahem) attentive when we return. If we take very many more vacations I may need to get a Baby Björn for them.

Speaking of babies, we've got two new baby cousins in the family and neither one batted an eye while being passed around non stop.

Look at that head of hair!

The babies were outnumbered by puppies. I didn't get many pictures of them because they never hold still, but this one is grandma's new pup.

Anyhow, I had a great time visiting everyone and the driving, while there was a lot of it, went pretty well. Here's my favorite photo from the Columbia River Gorge.

We did stop in Eugene on the way home and bought my new computer, but they didn't have the monitor I want in stock, so for now, I'm still cruising on (and cursing) the old one. I also picked up that external drive I was talking about and am in the process of moving all my data over to that. So that and laundry should keep me busy for the rest of the weekend until it's time to go back to work on Monday.

There's nothing quite like having housekeeping service for a solid week to shame me into a house cleaning mood.

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