Saturday, June 27, 2009


So, now that I have my computer back, I'm getting back into my routines. Here's my basic weekend morning routine:

  • Sleep in
  • Get up, use bathroom, get dressed, wash face, brush hair and teeth, slap on some make-up if I'm going to wear it
  • Make coffee
  • Turn on computer
  • Drink coffee, read email, surf the internets, read blogs, note anything interesting
  • Write post for my own blog

  • For the last several weeks, I've been only able to access the internet from work, which has done a couple of things for me. I've realized just how frickin' slow my home computer is, and I've realized how much time I put into surfing and blogging from home. Take this morning for example.

    I usually cruise through my iGoogle pages each day, reading the latest headlines on some of my favorite blogs and news outlets, loading and reading any posts that sound interesting. Then I cruise over to Digg and take a look at what's new there.

    I do this nearly everyday. When I do this from work, it takes about 30 - 45 minutes. So far, it has taken me nearly 4 hours to do this same routine this morning (now afternoon) from home, and I haven't even hit the Digg pages yet. At this point I don't think I'm going to, either.

    Most of the extra time is spent waiting for pages to load, or playing solitaire while I wait for the browser to switch from tab to tab. I'm so looking forward to getting a new machine, but I'm not looking forward to cleaning this one out. I'm thinking about getting an external hard drive so I can start moving documents and photos over now, given how pokey this machine has been, it'll probably take until August to do that anyway. If I wait until I bring my new baby home, I'll probably never do it, because I won't even want to turn this beast on when I have a shiny new toy to play with.

    Actually, now that I pause to think about it, I wonder if maybe moving those files to an external drive, especially the photos, wouldn't help speed this machine up a bit by freeing up some memory. I dunno, the computer tells me that I'm using less than 50% of the memory as it is, but whenever I ask it to perform even the simplest function, it maxes out:

    That graph shows me opening a browser, and selecting several links to open as new tabs. Damn thing looks like it's having a seizure or something. At some point, the computer usually screams "no more!" and I'm forced to reboot.

    So anyhow, I think the external drive is a good idea, whether or not it improves the performance of this machine. Now, let's see if I can find a good one at a good price. I know, exciting stuff.

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