Monday, June 29, 2009


I think I've mentioned before that the Wayward house is a gaming household, video games that is—not gambling. Scoob is more your classic gamer type—the more difficult the better, and he's always up on the latest games in development and gaming news. Me, I'm more of a casual gamer—a game has to be fun, otherwise I want no part of it, and I'm usually reluctant to buy new games. I'm happy to play my old games over and over (and over)—it drives Scoob batty.

But, I have found a new game. I spent an inordinate amount of time this past weekend playing Plants vs. Zombies and had a ridiculous amount of fun, which was all well and good since the single overriding directive this past weekend was to try and stay cool and not overexert myself.

I liked it so much, that as I was about to play the demo for a third time, I just decided to purchase and download the game.

The basic goal is to plant a garden that will then fend off the zombie invasion. There are 40+ plants with different zombie-fighting properties that you unlock as you play, and each new level brings a new zombie with it's own personality and defenses. And there are lots of side games and puzzles to play to mix things up, for example, there's at least one where you play the part of the zombies instead of the plants.

So far, I think my favorite zombie is the one holding a newspaper in the photo. When the plants interrupt his reading by destroying the newspaper, he gets a little temper—kind of like me when I'm reading something good. Or when I'm playing Plants vs. Zombies!

However, there is a Micheal Jackson-like dancing zombie (the game does have a disclaimer regarding similarities to persons living or dead), um, yeah. Good thing the game was in development long before Jackson died, otherwise I'm sure there would be a lawsuit. Though it wouldn't surprise me if Rev. Jesse Jackson eventually gets his nose up in there and starts making noise about it.

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