Monday, June 8, 2009

Out of Commission

Oh. People. I have not been having any luck with compters this past week. Last Thursday the hard drive on my work computer took a dirt nap. Our fabulous, wonderful IT crew had a spare, which kept my up and running while they ordered a new hard drive (800 gig!!) and rebuilt my computer.

So today is Monday and I'm back on my old machine at work. Hardly even noticed a ripple. Oh, all except for the part where IT told me to back up all the documents on my hard drive to one of the servers. Which I did, and didn't do. I mean I thought I did, but what I really did was make shortcuts to all the documents on my hard drive and saved those to the server. So the only shortcuts that work are the shortcuts to the pre-existing shortcuts that were already on my hard drive. Everything else is toast.

On the home front, Scoob ordered an new AC power supply adapter for my laptop, which arrived last Thursday. Except that the Dell 9100 Inspirion 19.5V-7.7A power supply adapter they sent was a 19V-1.58A adapter that doesn't even plug into a Dell 9100 Inspirion. Gah. Scoob's been trying to get the company we ordered from (third party through Amazon) on the phone so we can get the right part.

In the meantime, I'm still pretty much out of commission.

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