Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trying New Things

So I tried a new hair stylist on my way home from work last night. I'd actually been to her once before about 3 years ago and remembered that she had done a good job then. So I didn't really have anything in mind when I made the appointment other than I desperately needed a haircut (it's been about 9 months since the last cut). So we talked about what I was looking for and I told her I was willing to try something new as long as I could still pull it back for exercising and could keep it out of my face during the day at work.

When I looked at the floor as I was leaving it looked like a whole other head of hair was laying there.

It looked cute when she styled it, but the ends were doing this funky flippy thing by the time I got home. Oh, and the horror I woke up to this morning when I spotted my bedhead in the mirror.

After the cut I wandered to Target for cotton swabs and moisturizer and then to Trader Joe's where I found these:

Gee, those would have been handy to have the other day. I love pomegranates and I love dark chocolate, so these should be pretty darned good when I get around to opening them.

Okay, I need to go try to do something with this hair. Here's what the stylist had done:


  1. Cute cut, hon! Glad you found some chocolate, too.

  2. I found something similar at Costco. Which is nice because it's COSTCO size! I like the hair.