Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where Is My Chocolate!

So the weather forecast for last weekend was one day of sun and one day of rain. Scoob and I thought we would go for a walk at Coyote Hills Parks near our house, but the sunny day never came. And we never left the house. I do want to get out and take some pictures while the cherry and plum trees are still blooming and the fields are filled with mustard.

Our sun finally arrived on Monday but of course I couldn't tell from my windowless corner cubicle. Today was a soft spring-like rain as I was leaving for the office this morning followed by buckets for the evening commute. It took nearly 2 hours to get home tonight. Blech. Though I did stop and pick up Scoob's birthday present on the way home tonight. (His birthday is on Thursday.)

Still selling books and still going to the post office nearly every day. I did get to skip it this morning though. I finally finished Traveling with Pomegranates last night. I've only been at it for what, 6 weeks? Sheesh. And I loved it. Unfortunately I only finished 2 of the 4 books I checked out and now I can't renew them any more. boo hoo

Today was cramptastic. Can someone please tell me how it can possibly be that time again. It didn't exactly catch me unaware, but seriously, didn't we just do this? And of course my work day was filled with little annoyances to really test my self control and make the day complete. Though I don't really think it will be complete until I find some friggin' chocolate!

You know I'm sitting here doing a mental inventory of the entire house—I think there's one square of a Trader Joe's dark chocolate bar in the fridge, a tin with a couple pieces of Christmas fudge, and a packet of hot cocoa mix. It's a pisser that I don't really like fudge all that much. But I guess it'll do. Now if there were some brownies in the house, then we'd be talking. Of course if there were brownies in the the house we wouldn't be talking because I'd be too busy stuffing one in my face to even type.

Scoob just reminded me that it's Tuesday and Lost is coming on and ohmygod I have to go. Bye.

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