Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drying Out

After a week of nothing but storms, it sure is good to see the sun again today. Scoob is out on the back patio sunning himself as he reads. Never mind that it's only about 52° out there, he's in his shorts and a tank top and will probably drift off for a nap just like that.

With the bad weather there is always the bad driving, so commuting has been… fun… this past week, and very time consuming. Thankfully I only had one close call when I nearly ended up down the embankment on the curve of an on ramp. I felt the car start to hydroplane and drift, took my foot off the gas and eased up on the turn, and by the time I was on the shoulder I had traction again.

Learning to drive in Oregon has its benefits, though I'm sure the all wheel drive on the Subaru helped. Unfortunately, the car behind me wasn't so lucky and I dialed 911 as I saw the car spin out and then roll on the embankment behind me.

Okay, then there was the brainiac on the freeway last night around 7:00 driving a dark blue Nisan in the far left lane at about 80mph without any lights on. I couldn't see him in the rain and nearly changed lanes in to him. Scared the beegeebers out of me. So I guess there were two close calls.

But that's over and I'm cozied up here with a full tummy (black bean quesadilla), a warm drink (coffee), and a kitty on on my desk, talking to you while I will away the killer headache I woke up with.

I had my last physical therapy appointment yesterday. We've basically made as much improvement as we can and more sessions won't help. I took the armrests off my chair at work last week (after which I immediately fell out of the chair—I guess I leaned on them more than I realized) and I inflated my balance ball so I can switch between that and the chair at work (reminds me of the Hippity Hop balls, but without the handle—I loved those things!).

When I sit on the ball I'm significantly lower at my desk, which is nice because it makes it easier to change the position of the monitors and keyboard tray without having to move everything around. And I find myself bouncing on the ball, especially if I've got my iPod on. (Many thanks to reader j for the tips on selective synching!) Now I'm just waiting to fall off the ball, too!

I'm to continue with my strengthening exercises and come back in 2 months if it gets worse or the pain returns to my chest again. But I'll need to get another referral from my doctor since my scrip will have run out by then. My therapist feels the problem is a combination of bad posture (big surprise there, and I am improving as my back muscles gain strength) and not being able to relax that area.

I've been told before that I carry my stress in my upper back, so that wasn't a huge surprise either. So, I'm thinking of seeing an acupuncturist. All the people I know who have seen one said it has helped them. So, we'll see. All I know is that I really don't want to have this pain for the rest of my life. And I do believe my insurance covers it. (Yea!)

*Grumble* The sun is gone and it's raining again, but at least it isn't storming. I've sold a couple more books on Amazon and really need to find a good way to do this postage thing. Sending books by Media Mail rate is the most cost effective way to ship, but so far I haven't found a way to purchase the postage for Media Mail without having to stand in line at the post office.

I lucked out on my trip earlier this week—it was storming so bad there wasn't a single person in line when I got there! So far, after Amazon takes their cut, I've made $25, and once I ship the book that sold last night it will be almost $40. Not a gold mine by any means, but still, it's better than leaving them on a shelf or in a box taking up space and gathering dust.

Speaking of books, I keep meaning to write about the book I've been reading, Traveling with Pomegranates, by Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor. It's a true mother-daughter story with the mother and daughter writing alternating chapters. The book is thoroughly engaging, which must be why I haven't finished it already (I've only been working on it for weeks). I identify more with the daughter who is grappling with depression and trying to find what she should do with her life, but give me another 15 years or so and I'll totally identify with the mother who is post-menopausal and trying to gracefully accept the transition, rediscovering her spirituality through Mary, St. Anne, and Demeter, while also finding that she and her daughter can be friends as well as mother and daughter. Anyhow, I'm loving this book and both mother and daughter are excellent writers.

Off for a cup off hot tea (coffee is gone) and to find more books to list on Amazon.

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