Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bullet Bundle

I've been meaning to write, even put it on my To Do list in my brand spankin' new Franklin Covey planner. I'll admit I procrastinated on Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday and Friday sort of got away from me. But I'm here now. And so I don't run on, and on, and on, I'm going to try and just hit the main points.
  • So yeah, I finally got my new Franklin Covey planner on Monday, well after the start of the year. I like to buy my planner refills in person because in my mind a planner is an organizational tool much like a purse, and I would rarely buy a purse sight unseen. So I made trips to all 3 of the Franklin Covey stores near us only to find that they've been closed down. Not all that surprising really given the economy, but all 3 of them? So anyhow, I ended up ordering online after the new year started and just got it.

  • I finished loading my entire CD collection into iTunes and I've discovered I can no longer sync my iPod because I now have 12G of music and only 8G of storage on the device. So now I'm slowly listening to everything in the library and weeding out the songs I really do not care for and placing songs into playlists. I'm looking into ways to sync just the playlists and not the entire library full of files. (If any of you know the secret to this, please share.)

  • Also, I need to decide what to do with 100± CDs because selling them at 20¢ a pop on Amazon just isn't worth the trouble. A few options: donate them to the county library, donate them to a co-worker's child's school for a fundraising auction, or give them away for just the cost of shipping here on the blog.

  • Reader Becca at Becca's Little World introduced me to an amazingly funny blog, Sleep Talkin' Man. The English husband talks in his sleep and the wife puts the random things he says up on a blog. Some of the funnier things I've read there:

Hey, don't... don't say anything. Why don't you put it in an email, then I can ignore it at my pleasure.

Shhhhhhhhh. shhhhhhhhh. I'm telling you: your voice, my ears. A bad combination.

Do you like what you see? No? Well, bloody look harder. Strain your eyes!

  • I know there was something funny (to me anyways) that I wanted to write about and I was so sure that it was so funny that I couldn't possibly forget so I didn't write myself a note about it and guess what…I plumb forgot what it was now.

Anyhow, as soon as I do my hair, we're off to Sacramento to sell the car. Whee!

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  1. At our house, to sync some music, not the whole library, under the sync music tab, check the option of "selected playlists, artists & genres" instead of the "entire music library" tab.

    Congrats on selling the car.