Friday, January 1, 2010

Scratch That Idea

So we did some running about today. See, I haven't done any grocery shopping since we got home and I think I've raided the pantry all I can so we went out for a Chinese lunch. There wasn't much in the way of Chinese restaurants while we were in NC—Thai and Japanese, but not much in the way of Chinese. Then we did the grocery shopping, which means I get to start cooking again. Yea me. But it also means we'll save money. So I guess there's that.

After unloading the groceries and putting things away, we headed to Walmart to make a couple returns/exchanges and walked out with a new Brita water filter pitcher. The one I'd been using for years had sprung a leak and it was just time to replace it.

Then I sat down to start listing items on Amazon for sale. First up, some of the CDs that I managed to get copied before the CD drive said enough already. I looked up 3 or 4 CDs and checked what other sellers were charging—20¢ plus $2.98 s/h. Seriously, 20¢? Okay, so forget that.

Then I looked up some of the Disney VHS tapes. I thought for sure these might be worth trying to sell, but no. The best price I saw was for the Sleeping Beauty Limited Edition—$1.98. And the worst? Oliver & Company for 1¢. A freakin' penny!

Okay. Clearly this is not going to be worth the effort. I'll get Scoob to bring up the boxes of books (maybe tomorrow) and take a look at those. But honestly, I'm not very hopeful. I'm now seriously thinking about donating everything to the library or Good Will and taking a write-off.

Okay, off to cook dinner. I totally scored at the store today and got flank steak Florentine pinwheels for about $4.00. So along with a salad, dinner should be delish.

I'll leave you with some of the pictures I took at the Sarah Duke Botanical Gardens, not that there was a whole lot to see with it being winter and all.


  1. We donated David's car one year. Some times it's totally worth it to go that route!

  2. Are there any shelters in your area you could donate your Disney collection to? Moms/kids without stuff might like those happily ever after stories.