Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Plague on Both Your PCs

Or all 3 of them. I'm not sure why that line from Romeo and Juliet came to mind but it did. And I shared. Aren't you happy?

We've been having computer problems again. It all started in December when the graphics card in Scoob's gaming computer started acting up. The folks at Falcon NW are great and have been taking care of him. Then there was the disc shattering experience with my Dell. Then Scoob got the replacement graphics card installed on his Falcon… and the hard drive took a dirt nap. Then, to top it all off, the sound card on Scoob's HP laptop just stopped working Sunday night. Kinda hard to telecommute and attend webinars without a sound card.

Scoob's Falcon is about 5 years old but got a complete upgrade in August. My Dell was new out of the box in August. And the HP laptop was a replacement from work for the last one that died, guess when—in August. I do hereby solemnly swear to avoid making major electronics acquisitions in August. You can't make me.

On a positive note, the repair tech from Dell came by today and replaced my disc drive and all the opticals. So at least we have one fully functioning computer in the house now. HP FedEx'ed parts for the laptop which got here this morning but aren't installed yet. And we're waiting for the new hard drive for the Falcon, which is currently sitting on Scoob's desk behind me with its casing open and guts spilling out. Charming sight.

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