Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's New

There's really not much interesting going on in Wayward land, y'all. Let's see, so the last time I wrote I was cooking corned beef for St. Patrick's Day. I did not end up making Ruben sandwiches with the leftovers. Instead I made a corned beef hash-like yummy thing. I love corned beef hash. Fresh or canned—I really don't care.

I made it a bit differently than I've had at restaurants. I diced up leftover boiled potatoes and carrots with the chopped beef, and added some corn and whatever other veggies were on hand and served it over shredded cabbage. Compared to the Ruben plan, I liked that I got seriously more vegetables this way, less meat per serving, and it made the meat stretch that much further. Corned beef is definitely not a lean meat, but I'm totally waiting for the stores to put their St. Patrick's Day overstock on sale.

In other news, I've almost finished my taxes. I had to dig up an invoice for the last of my freelance work for my former boss. But I've done that and now I owe. Well, I knew I would owe even before I did that, and now I plan to wait until after the first of the month to pay so at least I can get the pennies in interest that post at the end of the month before the money leaves my account. Frugal's the word you're looking for people.

And to prove I'm willing to part with my well-hoarded -earned money, check out these latest acquisitions:

Rocket Dog Memories-Thai Silk in Ballet Pink

Dr. Scholl's Habit in Pewter

I had a $20 off coupon for DSW, so that helped. And I've seriously been needing new flats, so Win-Win! I'm totally looking forward to wearing the pink ones. I know I'm going to have issues with the silver ones at least until the heel area breaks in. I'll need to replenish the stash of bandages at my desk.

Also new in our world, the criminally abused plants on our patio are blooming. The patio is on the second floor with no way to get trimmings down to the trash without hauling them back through the house, so I just do not take care of these plants like I should. (Throwing the trimmings down into the common area is a no-no, and it's very difficult to gather them back up. I tried.) So, whatever comes up each year is a blessing:

Our scraggly lavender.

A small clump of Lobelia I haven't managed to kill yet

A very persistent pink Geranium

Obviously, this is way too healthy to be one of mine,
but it is visible from the patio.

And guess what else is joining us this spring? We put juice out in the hummingbird feeder today and noticed a completely unexpected guest—we have a hummingbird nesting in the tree over the patio! She's still building her nest, but she'll be laying her eggs soon.

I like that I got the building material in her beak here.

We've had hummingbirds build nests in the courtyard at work before and they laid 3 eggs per clutch then. Unfortunately, our nest is too high for us to see into, so we won't really know when she's laid her eggs. And I really don't want to disturb her by busting out a ladder, but hopefully we'll see their little heads peeking over the nest after they hatch.

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