Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mysteriously Disappearing Underpants

Dudes. Okay, I'm home again and back to work. And I'm ready to leave again. Except I can't, because I lost nearly all my underoos on this vacation!

I swear I just bought 10 new pairs a few weeks before I left. I was gone for 10 days and packed 7 pairs knowing we'd do laundry somewhere along the way. I came home with 2 pairs.

Dad did a load of laundry while we were at grandma's house in Idaho. And while he thoughtfully folded my clothes, he left them sitting on top of the washer and didn't say anything. And that's where they stayed as we pulled away for our Washington leg of the trip.

I know there are at least 2 pairs in that folded stack, and grandma is mailing them to me along with the shirts that were left behind. But I have no idea what's become of the other 3 pairs.

Honestly, it's like they jumped out of the car during one of our stops along US-2 between Sandpoint, ID and Anacortes, WA. I suspect Bungee was throwing them out the window.

Bungee-boy, trying look all innocent.

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  1. If I see any along the highway between Vancouver & OC, I'll pick them up and mail them to you! :)