Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I had a nasty surprise the other morning. And living with Madame Barf-O-Matic, it was bound to happen. Inevitable, really. When I climb into bed at night, I usually leave my nightclothes beside the bed, and the first thing I do when I wake up is to put them back on.

I don't think clearly on the best of mornings when I wake up, so imagine my confusion when I pulled on my shorts and discovered they were stiff. I did the "where did I put my keys" pocket-pat dance trying to figure out what was going on. Finally I took them off again to discover that someone had barfed in my shorts.

Thankfully, it had dried. The gross factor was already pretty high, but it would have been really gross if it were still moist. Either way, it was just rude.

I bought a new nail polish color the other day. What do you think?

It amazes me how many people actually pay attention to my feet and commented on the paint job. Unfortunately, I've also been sporting that bandage you see there. When they ask what happened I tell them I slipped and cut myself shaving my hairy troll toes, which is a bald-faced lie because, as you can clearly see, my toes are still hairy.

Scoob got me a present (after some not so subtle hints):

The Black Crowes is my all-time favorite band and unfortunately they're going on hiatus (again) at the end of this tour. Actually my hints to Scoob have been more along the lines of "If you want to get me anything for my 40th birthday, tickets to one of the Black Crowes' San Francisco shows in December would be good. In fact, that's exactly what I want."

Since I began dropping these delicate hints he's rented the Freak n' Roll: Into the Fog DVD of one of their San Francisco concerts, he's purchased the CD from that concert, and now he's purchased the Croweology CD. I know I got rid of about 150 CDs earlier this year, but I kept all my Black Crowes CDs (and a few other choice selections) because I knew if I ever, for some reason, lost the digital copies in iTunes, I would absolutely repurchase this music.

I'm so spoiled. I'm totally blissed out over here listening to my new ear candy and seriously geeking out on the cover art. And now I've got cool new tunes to jam to on my road trip to Idaho!

Leaving on Friday morning, BTW. I can tell you ahead of time because Scoob'll be staying home for this trip. Ten days is just too much time for him to take off from work right now, and we can't leave the furry beasties alone that long and we certainly can't afford to board them for that long. Looks like I'll meet up with my dad and step-mom in Oregon and we'll take one vehicle from there.

Anyhow, things will be extra quiet around here while I'm gone.

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  1. See THIS is why I do not have pets! Yes yes, my kids have all barfed on me, but it's not the same. :D The ick factor is way high, dude!