Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Ring (part 2)

I should get the call today to pick the ring up after work. Lucky me, I also have a dentist appointment after work. My favorite. Right up there with a trip to the OBG. And a trip to the jeweler is beginning to run a close third.

Interesting thing though, when we took it in on Sunday the saleslady we spoke with says, "They never should have sold you this ring as an engagement ring, especially if it needed to be resized." (Oh, and once we started inspecting it at the store, we realized that a side diamond had fallen out as well.)

As I suspected, it's a cocktail ring and not intended for daily wear. But Sweetie specifically told the sales person he bought it from in Austin that he intended it as an engagement ring. And when we took it to the Pleasanton store here, that salesperson said resizing was not a problem. Apparently, resizing it what has cause most of the repair problems we're having because when they took it down a size all of the settings stretched just the tiniest bit making the stones loose.

What should have happened is that the Austin salesperson should have told Sweetie that yes, the center stone is hard enough for regular wear (not daily wear, but that it would be susceptible to scratches and chips, and given the size of the center stone (it's a London blue topaz), would become very noticeable over time. When we brought it into the Pleasanton store, the saleslady there should have offered to order it in my correct size directly from the maker rather than resizing this ring.

All the store managers are off to Dallas this week for training or something, but I've got the name and number for the manager here and the regional supervisor for Austin. I don't want to get anyone into trouble, but come on, they need to do something at this point.

The salesperson said they would probably give us full retail credit toward a different ring since we are having so many problems with it. The problem for me, now, is that I don't want to get rid of this one. Sweetie put a lot of time and thought into choosing this one and proposed with so it has sentimental value. So I'm hoping to keep this one and get a new one. Because, can you ever have too much jewelry?

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