Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Thank you, everyone, for the prayers and general good vibes sent in our direction. I talked to dad again this morning and my uncle is doing pretty good. Dad said he was coherent and able to talk on the phone, but he got winded pretty fast. The doctors are now saying he does not have a punctured lung, which is a blessing.

Dad said the doctors aren't planning on surgery but will instead tape up my uncle's ribs and keep him in the hospital for a couple days to make sure the internal swelling from his injuries won't cause complications. After that, they'll bundle him off to convalesce at home.

I'm very relieved that his injuries seem so minor in comparison to what was going through my mind last night, especially considering the stretch of road he was on. It could have been so much worse. But I don't want to dwell on that. Instead, I'll concentrate on the blessings and send my prayers out for the friends and family of the other driver, who did not survive the collision.

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