Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the Fun Just Keeps On Comin’

Blast it! Okay, so I am actually reading one of those books I wrote about. Well, mostly reading. One of the books is done in last year's style and layout and I can't send it out to our freelancers because last year's style had no clear style so I can't give them a checklist of things they should look for. So yea, I get to do this one myself.

Which all in all wouldn't be that terrible except I still have all those other books crossing my desk regularly, and all the other stuff I have to do as part of my regular job. So I've only been finding an hour or so a day to look at this one manuscript. So, diligent worker bee that I am, I brought it home with me this weekend.

But before I get back to doing that, I felt the need to relive vacation days. Here are some pictures from my trip to Idaho.

Along with dad and mom, Bungee was my travel companion.

Can I drive?

Dolly's coloring changed quite a bit since last year.

This was the only time the dogs would hold still for a group picture.
Think they're trying to say something?

All of grandma's hollyhocks were light yellow this year.
I like the way this picture turned out.

We made several stops on the leg between Sandpoint, ID and Anacortes, WA—along the Wenatchee River, at fruit stands, parks, and most importantly, at great-grandma's grave. I don't know that I ever knew great-grandma, but dad lived with her and great-grandpa for several years while growing up. It's not often I see dad so somber, but his deep love and respect for his grandma are clear.

It took me a few minutes to see why this place is called Lincoln Rock State Park.

Along the banks of the Wenatchee River. A very calm and peaceful spot, and other than the smell of rotting salmon from the recent salmon run, completely enjoyable.

I'd forgotten to change the light setting on my camera for outdoors,
but I kind of like the blue tint it gave this twisted stump.

I call this my Bigfoot shot, but it's really dad.
Looks just like Bigfoot, dontcha think? But a lot less hairy.
On the up side, I've gotten better at taking pictures of people in motion.
At least you can tell this is a person!

I really like the way the trees in the shadows framed this shot.

We only stayed a couple nights in Anacortes and spent most of our time at the house visiting with grandpa. I hadn't seen him since my sister's high school graduation 10 years ago. I was seriously impressed by his woodworking shop he has set up in his garage. I didn't know it, but apparently he was a master carpenter before he retired.

Grandpa likes to make birdhouses to keep himself busy.

And the birds think this is swell.

The morning sunshine created some dramatic back lighting on these nasturtiums.

We did head out to the Anacortes Farmers Market one morning.
I liked this crazy, colorful arrangement of flowers.

And I thought this vegetable stand photo turned out nicely.
Though, I may need to photoshop that woman's face out of the frame.

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  1. I didn't even see the woman's face until I really looked for it! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)