Saturday, March 14, 2009

Headache, No Ice Cream Involved

The past week has been sunny and spring-like warm here, and while I enjoy the change, I've had this nagging headache all week. It's not a migraine class headache, but it's there. I'm in danger of becoming an Advil junkie at any moment; three in the morning (because two just isn't cutting it anymore) and three in the afternoon, which should get me through until bedtime. By afternoon I'm just so tired (and cranky).

Staring at html code on a computer screen all day at work doesn't help (and the book I started work on yesterday just makes my eyes or brain, or both, want to bleed, which only exacerbates things). I actually thought the sunny weather was the culprit. There's a skylight near my desk and all the sunny-ness has made my workstation just way too damned bright. I thought maybe the extra light was contributing to eye strain which was then triggering the headaches. I need a cave.

I read this article yesterday that links changes in the weather and temperature to headaches, especially for people with a history of migraines. Well isn't that just swell. If that's what's going on here I'd like summer to hurry the heck up so we can get through the headaches and on with life.

This morning I read this article on how people can think themselves sick. Not flu-like sick, more like that after-flu sickishness that seems to linger forever. I thought the doctor being interviewed had an interesting comment about irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

Sick or not, this three-headed, rainbow-vomiting panda is enough to make anyone's head spin.

So get this, a study in Sweden has linked high IQs to a reduced risk of death. Apparently folks with higher IQs tend to make better decisions (really?) for their long term health while people with lower IQs are more likely to have accidents, smoke or drink heavily, and have unhealthful diets. Well—DUH. I shouldn't make light, the article did have some good observations about education and the need to target public service announcements.

With that, I'm off to pop my pills and then check out Christopher Walken on Twitter, one of my favorite actors. I like his wry and often dark sense of humor. His most recent post:

I don't remember saying that the geese had eaten all of the kittens in Central Park. No matter. She's upset and the geese are very confused.

I've been finding more and more interesting things to read on Twitter that I may actually need to open an account and figure out how it works.

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