Monday, March 16, 2009

Hold the Guac

Oh, dudes, the produce is starting to look seriously good at the supermarket. Spring and produce heaven must really, really, be really on the way. We had artichokes a week or so ago (they were gone too quickly for pictures, I'll try to do better next time) and they were wonderful—tender with a nice nutty flavor. Not the tough cardboard instruments of pain they will soon be in a month or so.

Seriously. Have you ever picked one of those bad boys up when you weren't giving the task your undivided attention? The buggers can draw blood I tell you. Who needs a gun when you've got a past its prime artichoke at hand?

Oh, and the fujis. I picked up fuji apples on sale last grocery trip. Crisp and sweet and delicious! But the kicker, the pièce de résistance, was this guy:

Velvety. Creamy. And just oh so good. Tell me that doesn't look divine. Well, if you don't like avocados at all, you don't really need to tell me, but I'll listen anyway. When aguacates are this good I can't even imagine wasting them on guacamole. Just hand me a spoon.

PS: So, rereading this I notice that I've given all these yummy veggies a male gender. Is it just me, or is there something Freudian going on there. (Thankfully, none of them are particularly phallic.)

PPS: Scoob just read the post and suggested I reexamine the composition of the photo… O.M.G. Apparently I need a cold shower.


  1. LMAO about Scoob's comment. Hope that shower went well! :D

  2. I was laughing so hard when Scoob said that and it was too late to take a different picture becasue, well because we'd already eaten the subject by the time I posted. So I decided to let my freak flag fly for all to see.