Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How a Fresh Idea becomes Frozen

I stumbled on this graphic representation of the Top 100 foods to improve productivity. Oddly enough, I like most of these foods. So why am I not more productive?

After some poking around the FoodProof site, it looks like it's a hub for food blogs. It might be a good resource down the road, but as of now, I don't know how you would ever purposefully find something you were looking for. I did spot this image while I was browsing, though, and thought it was funny.

On the subject of food, I've had the distinct pleasure of dining at Alice Waters's Chez Panisse once. My previous boss took Scoob and me there as a thank you and farewell dinner after our company merger, she and I were both being laid off.

I listen to locals grumble when guides and experts recommend Chez Panisse as a top California cuisine restaurant time and again, "Geez, tell me something I don't know. Can't they at least look a little. There have to be other worthy restaurants." While Chez Panisse gets a lot of praise and attention, and it's what people think of when they think California haute cuisine. There's a reason for it. The praise in not undeserved.

Anyhow, this recent interview with Alice Waters caught my eye. It's interesting. I imagine most people would agree with her definition of what constitutes real food, and yet the majority of us continue to feed our bodies the other stuff. She talks about foraging a lot in this interview. I don't imagine a lot of us have the time, or the energy at the end of the day or week, to forage for food. It's nice when you can eat like that, but for most of us it's just not a reality.

Let's see, maybe if I ate more of those energy boosting foods I'd have the energy to go out and forage, but of course I'd need to forage those items first. So I guess we'll stick with the Macaroni Grill Chicken Marsala in a box for tonight.

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