Friday, October 30, 2009

Chicago’s Local Color

The trees in Chicago still had a lot of fall color even though our visit was a little late in the season for the peak color. I told Scoob I thought another nickname for the city could be the Golden City because so many of the trees had a golden color. Though we did find a handful of red maples in Millennium Park.

The leaves on these trees in Grant Park look much more green-yellow
than they were in person, but I still like the perspective of this shot.

A tunnel of gold in Grant Park.

Looking down E. 9th Street from the Logan Monument.
I like the contrasts in this shot with the corridor between the buildings in shade and the bright gold leaves of the trees catching the sunshine.

Sunlight, shade, and fall color.

Next to the Chicago River. It was still drizzling and I like how the moisture makes the tree trunks and branches even darker against the golden leaves.

The repetitive dark, heavy lines of the stacked chairs punctuated by bright splashes of gold where the leaves had settled caught my eye. There's just something about it that signals that limbo time between the change of seasons—There's still hope for warm weather patio days because the furniture hasn't been put away for winter storage yet.

Fall berries.

Red maple trees in Millennium Park.

Sunlight through the branches in Dearborn Park.

Colorful ground cover catching the afternoon sunlight in Dearborn Park.

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