Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So, we had a company meeting at work yesterday morning, and it was actually good news. Our division, and the entire company, made their numbers for the first quarter and returns from vendors (Barnes and Noble, and Borders are the big accounts) have returned to pre-economic downturn levels. Now we're hoping we can carry the momentum through the holiday season.

That's great and all, so what do we, the lowly key punchers get out of it? Well, to start, no more mandatory unpaid time off—furlough is over (for now). The company will also resume performance reviews and raises beginning calendar year 2010, though we were warned not to expect any huge raises, probably along the lines of 1–2%. We also are not seeing an increase in our health care premiums for nest year (we're re-enrolling now).

And the company is revamping our vacation plans. The company is made up of several divisions acquired through acquisitions mergers, and each division has maintained their pre-existing vacation package. There are something like 9 divisions—what a nightmare for HR and accounting. And they're lifting the hiring freeze. Partially. Sort of. Well, they're making exceptions to the hiring freeze.

So, generally, it was good news and I could definitely feel a change in attitude in the office. It's nice to feel like we can come up for air now.

Oooo, I went to the grocery store last night and bought 2 more butternut squash. I wonder if your skin will turn orange if you eat a lot of squash like it will with carrots?

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