Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Can Read. Really.

Sometimes I stupify even myself. So this afternoon I was trying to find a place to park at a strip mall. As I pulled into a parking stall, I realized that it was marked . It said:


I turned to Scoob in the passenger seat and said, "Who the hell is Delta Co.?" The name didn't sound at all familiar and as I scanned the mall, I didn't see a Detla Co. anywhere. The paint was very faded and I was thinking maybe they'd gone out of business, whoever they were, and it would be okay to park there.

Scoob looked at me like I was crazy and repeated "Delta Co.?" before he started laughing—quite obviously at me.

Clearly I hadn't noticed the very large Del Taco restaurant not 20 yards or so in front of the car.

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